On behalf of the SAEEC, its employees, member companies, the board and its executives, we would like to welcome you to the new SAEEC website. The world is still in the midst of a once-in-a-generation disruption as a result of the global pandemic.

This pandemic may have caused a temporary slowing down of our societies ability to function efficiently but it has also played an equal part in the acceleration of digital transformation. Due to the demands of our time every company in every industry recognises the value in building a much stronger digital foundation to complement their business operations. This has increased the already pressing need to increase and/or improve our ability to produce power and connect people not only to the world but the resources and opportunities within their own countries.

Given the pre-pandemic need for the evolution of global green technology capabilities, we have to reflect on how best to maintain and improve the public-private partnership between South African business and the Department of Trade and Industry and Competition which the SAEEC strives to achieve for its members.

Now more than ever the growth and internationalisation of South African electrotechnical companies is pivotal to the growth of the country and the Continent. South Africa is home to a rapidly growing green energy sector which is perfectly poised to help the country achieve both its domestic power supply targets and the global demand for greener technology.

The SAEEC works hard to ensure that its members have an important platform from which to coordinate the exporting efforts of the sector, which includes companies engaged in the manufacturing and supply of products and related services in sectors ranging from Electrical Engineering and Electronics to Information Technology and Telecommunications. We act as an official conduit to government to enhance strategies and policies that improve the export support environment. 

The launch of this newly updated website is part of the remarkable evolution undertaken in the last few years. We have pushed ourselves to learn, not only how the world is poised to change but how we as the SAEEC can act as a vehicle of that change within the South African Electrotechnical export market. Something that has become clear along the way is the simple fact that we cannot achieve success if we choose to pursue that goal independently. It is only together, working simultaneously on multiple fronts, that our initiatives as an enterprise and sector can make a lasting impact.

The sustainability of both the SAEEC and the Electrotechnical sector in South Africa, and our ability to compete globally, rests largely on our cooperation with our member companies and industry stakeholders. We are therefore committed to providing support and results at every opportunity, as well as to address and improve on our performance in all areas. This includes areas where our performances have traditionally been strong and those with a greater opportunity for improvement.

It is with great pleasure then, that we welcome you to join us on this journey to help us achieve our objectives.

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