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Developing business in the Electrotechnical Sector for Globally Competitive South African Companies

The South African Electrotechnical Export Council (SAEEC) operates as a Public, Private Partnership (PPP) between business and the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic).

The key objectives of the SAEEC are:

  1. Position the South African electrotechnical sector as a leading global player
  2. Broaden the base of exporters
  3. Facilitate exporter teaming to leverage new infrastructure projects in our sector.

The PPP developed by SAEEC and the dtic supports and co-ordinates export and international trade initiatives in Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Increase Your Footprint Into African Markets

Use the potential of a local South African footprint to access African markets and service them on a more cost effective and sustainable basis. Benefit from the various trade agreements on the African continent.

The South African Electrotechnical Export Council

South African firms are leaders in developing innovative solutions to meet emerging market needs and new market demands.

A Coordinated Approach

The South African government is following a coordinated approach to the energy challenge, ensuring that energy developments are maximising socio-economic development objectives, in addition to economic growth.

Our Members

Our members are South African registered companies that manufacture and provide products and related services in the Electrotechnical sector. They are highly regarded as solution providers for power and telecommunications infrastructure projects in Africa.

Facilitating Growth

This includes facilitating the growth of the renewable energy sector as a response to a growing need and increased opportunity. The SAEEC aims to coordinate its efforts to facilitate the export growth and internationalisation of its member companies.

Our Strategic Partners

Sector Overview

The South African electrotechnical industry is made up of a large number of technical industries including IT, communication, electronic and electrical manufacturing. Each of these is made up of various subsectors with their own areas of specialisation. However, they have in common a high level of technological and knowledge application with a significant value addition to the South African economy.




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